Valiant “down under”

I've been a lurker here for a while,mostly looking at the jokes section.
finally decided to register and be an active member.
I have an Australian built VC valiant with the trusty /225 and the standard 3 speed gearbox.
a 2 barrel Carter,electronic ignition and 6 int 1 headers with a 2 and a half inch exhaust are the additions above standard.
click here for a pic of my toy.
interior is only a 2 seater,with 2001 Camry seats,4 point harness belts,and a sports steering wheel.
rear seats removed,with the spare wheel bolted to a bulkhead fitted to isolate the trunk area. the harness anchor points are on the rear parcel shelf,so rear seating is a no-no.
being Australia,the car is right hand drive,and the drum brakes are retained. (they work surprisingly well).
you will find me on other Mopar boards, - even on the enemy territory Stovebolt board.
thats enough for now. more when I get time.

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