Hello to all

Hello A-body people, A very quick introduction. My name is Tim, and I've owned and worked on A-Body Mopars since the early '60s. I spent some time as a mechanic and gofer on one of the early Dodge Dart road racers, pre Trans-Am FIA lightweight. I also owned a Dart, myself, which I ran in SCCA A-Sedan for a time before switching to smaller cars. I had a '63 Valiant station wagon, as a tow car. I wish I still had it, because it progressively got the left overs from racing, so it had the full heavy duty suspension, quick steering, disc brakes, NASCAR wheels, and lots of other stuff which made it handle really well. Unfortunately there is no one like Scott Harvey to call for parts anymore. In commemoration of that car I now have a '66 Dart wagon, which is currently in need of front floor boards, and to put the factory rebuilt 225 back in place. I'd love to put all the parts I once had on it, but the cost would be prohibitive, so it will stay sort of stock except some day I'll probably put an 8-1/4" R.E., and a small block V-8. So, happy driving!! Bye for now.
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