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Gas Cap

wanted dumb dirtyword cotton-picking booger-eating snot-sucking finger-licking-good GAS CAP for my 1964 Valiant slant six. NAPA and others do not have. stay safe. thanks

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Hurst Super Shifter and A Body 4 Speed Parts

Hurst Super Shifter, Trans Crossmember, Clutch Linkage rod and belhousing pivots, (2) shift levers and new bushings and clips, Everything in the photo for 1 Price! $200 +$20 Trip and Paypal fee.

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SB Mopar Distributor P# 2642805 steel shim base gasket


Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a steel shim seal Gasket for my Distributor. Single point Dizzy 2642805 off my 67 273 Dart. I can’t find it and my distributor doesn’t have the provision for an o-ring….

72 Dart with spool mount K Frame

My buddy has a 72 Dart that was previously wrecked, and needed a k frame. He went to the junkyard and got all the parts, including a spool mount k frame, years ago to repair. Did all the work himself, and drove it a bunch of years. I worked on it at o…

Replacement 2 speed wiper motors

I am interested in hearing from members that have installed NEW 2 speed windshield wiper motors. The one in my ’70 Charger was moving slow and then stopped working. I had a nice looking one in the parts shed so I tried that one. The motor makes noise like it is working but the wiper linkage doesn’t move. I’m guessing that something is broken inside.
Rock Auto lists a couple of options but I prefer to buy locally.

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73′ Duster fuel sending unit replacement

After winter I noticed that my tank was almost empty. Went to fill the car up but it stayed at low level. There is a small jump on the fuel level when I turn ignition on, so the cauge itself (which is some aftermarket autocauge one) seems to atleast move.

I haven’t worked with fuel sending units before and for some reason it was pretty hard to find information on how to diagnose it in a body cars.

So if we make an assumption that the tank and sender unit are stock parts, and only…

73′ Duster fuel sending unit replacement

Crack on block

I have a crack on the side of my block,it doesn’t look that deep but looks like it could be brazed? It was fixed with jb weld at one time.what l found after wired wheel the jb weld off. Brazed be a better fix or welded instead?

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