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Coming up on the year anniversary on my neighbors death

Jim was a wife beating drunk racist but his wife still had feeling for him. He passed on November 7th 2020. Taylor has asked Ernie to go with her to the memorial of one of Jims friends. It is a 3+ hour drive, ain’t no where Taylor can make it on her own.

Tonight, as we were getting ready for bed Taylor called, it was 11:05. She was freaking out. Said she had a plane flying around her yard..she has 5 acres but it is pretty heavily treed. She was claiming it was a drone but it had…

Coming up on the year anniversary on my neighbors death

ISO 1970 Dodge Dart parts

Looking for hood, clutch/brake pedal, fenders, trunk lid, front marker lights, front bench seat etc… Located near Calgary.

1970 Dart Swinger

Wanted, 1970 Dodge Dart 340 Swinger, cream color (pale yellow) with a parchment green stripe. Any condition!

Duster manual pedal assembly

Looking to buy a manual pedal assembly for Duster. Thanks in advance. Please message me.

’69 Dodge Dart Swinger Door Panels Needed

Looking for set of interior door panels for ’69 Dart Swinger……color doesn’t matter, would prefer black.
Any condition………looking for something to hold me over till Legendary sets become available again.

Strut rod to lower control arm nuts

Looking for strut rod to lower control arm nut


73 340 auto duster I am doing the body, paint & stripes. All floors are solid. The frame is nice. No rust on the doors. He has a pair of NOS fenders. The trunk lid is nice. Small patch work on the lt & rt quarters in front & erar of t…