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Megasquirt knock sensors settings

As the title suggests, anyone out there running a Megasquirt setup with the internal knock module? Finally found someone making a drop in replacement since DIYAutotune has been out of stock on them for the past 2+ years and took the chance on them. Wi…

Summit Discount 10% off total purchase Coupons

These are good until 12/31/23.
I have a couple dozen left after I sent them to my friends on
this forum that wanted them

They gave me the 10% discount on my entire purchase on top of my regular Pro Shop

Happy to send you a picture of coupon…

A body 8 3/4 housing, axles,backing plates and drums.

Any guesses what the value is ?

1968 Hemi Super Stock Barracuda tribute for sale.

1968 Super Stock Hemi Barracuda tribute For Sale

Well here we go. It’s time to sell this girl and build something else. I’ve always said “I have more fun building them than I do owning them”. This car was finished last year and has meet every expectat…

2013 5.7 Gen III HEMI timing questions

Setting up timing on my Holley terminator x, ignition timing is set at 15°, timing at idle is 12°, timing at cruise is 35.3°, and ignition at WOT is 12.0°. Stock fuel injectors, does this sound about right?

1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340

For sale
1970 Dodge Dart Swinger
H-code 340 car. Original TX9 black car
Non numbers 1970 340 block, original 727 Torqueflite trans. Fender tag intact. One repaint, original interior. Factory Tach. Front Disc brakes, 8 3/4, 3.55 suregrip. Motor is mildl…

273 920 HEADS

Looking or 2658920 273 cylinder heads. Preferably on the east coast. NO JUNK! PM me here. Thank You!