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2822963 wiper motor 2 speed park bench test

I am looking for a wiper motor bench test that covers the park circuit. I have a 2822963 2 speed, 3 wire wiper motor out of a 67 GTX that doesn’t park. I know these motors made it into A bodies as well. Not to waste anyone’s time I can confirm the foll…

1964 Dodge Dart 904 transmission stopped working

Ok sounds have a 64 dart 225 slant six with i believe a 904 transmission. Motor has been rebuilt and is running great. We drive it about one a month between 1-2 hour drives. I moved the other day and drove it to our new house 1.5 hr away mostly 55mph. …

68 Barracuda 225 to 440 to 426

I figure I would start a build thread. I have owned my Barracuda for a very long time – I bought it in the early 80’s and it was a non running car. It had a 225 auto that did not run. I then bought a parts car – a ’69 383 4 speed Barracuda S. It was r…

DZUS lot for sale

The two tall brackets were used on a 66 Dart hood. The other ten are new but have some flash rust. Everything else is new. $35 shipped.

1976 440 with forged steel crank

Hello everyone. I have a 1976 440 block, it’s been bored over .040, and not properly stored is my best guess. I bought the block this way, for a project but changed plans, it looks mostly surface, and will clean up. Comes with a forged steel crank, tha…

RIP Bobby Hull

Bobby Hull, the Chicago Blackhawks’ legendary ‘Golden Jet’ and Hall of Famer, dies at 84


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