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LOLOL when you fail to mention the white elephant in the room

NO idea how tall the transom this is made for……..likely a sailboat. Seller NEVER made mention that this is a special transom setup………….

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Bottom End Shocker Build

Okay seeing that my much maligned “free cam build” didn’t go over here as well as my other engine builds like the “old school 340 build “ and the “ mild magnum 360 build “….I think it’s time to leave that free cam build off this site until some of you…

P/S removal on a magnum swap.

Converting the 65 Valiant to manual steering. With the magnum Engine serpentine system. I don’t have a/c. and now, no p/s. I am having trouble finding a belt that is short enough online. Anyone know a part # by chance.

did Mopar make a four door HARDTOP?

What models and when!???? with BUCKETS!!????

Mopar Dealer Service Department – Am I Correct To Be Pissed Off???

Please bear with me for a long post with all the details.
This is about my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab:
If I don’t have the AC running I usually drive around town with both drivers-side windows open for ventilation without too much wind circulation inside the cab.
Six days ago I was getting on the freeway so turned on the AC and hit the window controls to raise both windows. The front door window raises normally but the rear window only comes up about 20% and then I hear something snap and…

Mopar Dealer Service Department – Am I Correct To Be Pissed Off???

Dart 4×4

Saw this while lost looking for our vacation rental. It was too cool not to go back and snap a few pics. Thought you guys might appreciate it as well.

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Met a new member brought him a deck lid from Fl.

Met a new member in Va. today. @Poppasduster
He needed a Duster trunk lid. I brought one from Plant City Fl. To Roanoke Va. he drove from the coast and met me to get it today. Both him and wife are great people and we had a great meeting.