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Looking for sheet metal

I am looking for sheet metal lower rear quarters not the whole thing. Just lower sections left and right. can you help me or point me in the right direction? It’s a 1966 Barracuda Also lower rear fender L and R

318 Ignition

I’ve tried an MSD ready-to-run that failed right after I had it timed. I then tried two Pertronix Igniter II, both of which were DOA. I ran my engine successfully for over 20 years on an igniter I, but now I’m back to standard points and condenser. …

local cruise nigh pics.. 7-19-24


HOT headlight Switch? Don’t know why

1970 Dart 318 12v factory harness. We have been chasing this electrical problem for a while and for the life of us can not figure out why our LGN wire coming off the headlight switch to the foot dimmer switch is getting HOT. We have checked both the L3…

$10.00 sale

Every item pictured is $10.00 sizes of pullies and fan spacers are on each one. Small u-joint 904 yoke. Tag light I think from a 70 E-body. 727 mount and tailshaft seal.
You want all of it, maybe we can work out something.

1 inch factory fan spacer.

Looking for a factory mopar 1 inch fan spacer in good used condition shipped to Wood River, IL. Thanks!

67 Formula S

What size engines came in the 67 Formula S Barracuda?