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967 Operating lever

Looking to see if anyone has an original 967 reverse operating lever for my pistol grip shifter. I’ve decided to take my for sale ad down and I’m going to have it all restored to show quality and offer back up at a later date. Thanks FBBO.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner Used 383 HP Automatic Carburetor 4682 S

This is a used 383 automatic carburetor great core for rebuild.this came off a Road Runner that was parted years ago. Need complete rebuild and a great core. Has the tag 4682 S. Sold as is and sell as not working. Thanks
Asking 135.00 shipped and also…

Happy Birthday 1967Coronet

73 and up K frame sway bar mounts (weld in)

My 73 came without a factory sway bar. It does not even have the gussets on the K frame to mount one.

It currently has an aftermarket bar mounted using angle stock bolted somewhat crudely to the K frame.

I’d like to put the factory brackets on.

If a…

1968 Charger GTX Road Runner Used Ash Tray Receptacle

This is a used 68 ash tray receptacle and what’s in the pictures is all that I have. It a nice piece with some clean up. Asking 40.00 shipped and is sold as is. Thanks

Looking for the pristine black center console for 67 GTX

I am looking for a NOS or really nice black center console for a 67 GTX 4-speed car.

Thanks for adding me to your forum!

My name is Bryan Gill, and I am a mechanical engineer and the CTO of AWA Forged Composites. My question is, were headrests available for the 67 GTX, and if so, how would I go about getting a pair? Also, has anyone here had any experie…