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71 Charger Chin Spoiler Placement

Any thoughts before I drill holes? I think placement looks good, but I do see some farther forward and creeping up over the license plate more.

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Charger valance corner HELP!!

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1969 Charger. I’m doing some fitting and tweaking of the rear metal. Where does the tab hanging from the corner go? Does it fold up and hang around for the ride? Or do I cut it off?
I wasn’t the guy who removed the old ones

Here we go again

In search of another 440 block…
This is the race motor with 50 passes before it spun a rod bearing.
My old GTX motor is still safe and in my car now.
It never ends…

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Nos 1969 R/T Rear finish panel (not mine)

IMO even with the shelf wear it’s priced to sell. It was just listed as Buy it now for $1,000. Rare & Very hard to find. If anyone is looking here it is..


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This will fry up a bunch of chicken!

Check out what Lodge just made…

It’s only 18′ in diameter!
I betcha every chicken along the highway fainted when they saw that skillet.

Comp Solid Roller

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Big block. Has dyno time only. $350.00 usd plus shipping. I do have the matching valve springs also. $150.00 usd plus shipping. Timing set $75.00 usd plus shipping. Thanks. Kim

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1968 Barracuda A Body Hurst console shifter handle

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As pictured fits console…