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Is this a Original or a replacement?

I bought this a long time ago and was told it is for a 1969 Dart and was an original piece but I am not sure. I cannot find any part numbers on it, so I think it may be an over the counter replacement. Thought??


Fender tag for my ‘65 Dart

My Dart didn’t come with a fender tag , and I’d like to put something there. I’m open to whatever, not looking for specific options. A repop, blank, special order etc… I’ve seen the ones on eBay, I don’t want to spend $120 if I can help it.

Just in ca…

1967 valiant 100 four door

I bought this car 14 years ago with the intention of using it for a parts car, I no longer need it. 225, automatic with factory air conditioning, also has a factory front sway bar and kelsey hayes front disc brakes. It was originally from Arizona, only…


Has anyone seen this on a oil slinger before?

a 833 parts ?

during our recent cleanout we came across what appears to be a bunch of Internal parts for a 833 4 speed,but No Case and no shifter.
can someone please look at the pics and see if these parts are worth saving,and selling,and if so,how much should we be…

DriveShaft Loop for B Bodies..

* Custom, mig welded aluminum 3 piece driveshaft loop setup.
* Machined from 3/8 Inch aluminum barstock and MIG welded
* The construction is 6061-T6 Bright aluminum finish that won’t chip or rust and resist corrosion
* Flat barstock is 3/8 Inch and the…

69 satellite 318 2 barrel carb

Hi all I need some help. I was wondering if any one can give me the tech speck to get the mixture screws and timing on a 318. It runs and drives but I want to set it correctly as I think it’s running lumpy in certain spots and want to do a complete tun…