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Solid Metal Subframe and Transmission Crossmember bushings

I have been trying to figure out what to do with the rotted out rubber subframe buhsings on my 1973 dodge charger. Some say solid aluminum from firm feel is the way to go.. My concerns with Aluminum is galvanic corrosion of steel touching

Glenn Ray 054 Radiator

Glenn Ray 054 Radiator.


68-70 4 speed tunnel new

New 4 speed tunnel from AMD. Has 3 screw holes where i pinned it to the floor.Went with a 5 speed so no use for it.140$ + Shipping. Will be at carlisle Saturday.

750cfm holley classic new

750cfm holley from new blueprint engine. Only used for the dyno pulls when they built the motor. Purchased in march, but not needed since using EFI. 400$+ shipping. will be at carlisle Saturday

Holley 750 CFM Classic Carburetor – Electric Choke – Va…

1968 dodge charger grill Vacuum actuators

For sale 1968-69 Dodge charger grill headlight door vacuum actuators. Used fully tested working originals. Price $125.00 for a pair actuators plus $15.00 shipping. Bob H

Brake support plate

FOR SALE brake support plate used Price $25.00 plus $9.00 shipping Bob H

Attention – Carlisle attendees – autographs wanted

All you FBBO folks who are attending Carlisle this weekend, I want your autograph!
I’ll be bringing this piece in later today to the FBBO tent and I WANT YOUR SIGNATURE! Please sign your FBBO user name on this when you see it.
I’m hoping to have it at…