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65 Fury 2 4 door Shift selector

Hey guys hoping someone can help me out here. Have a 65 fury 4 door with automatic trans, column shift and the selector needle has been giving me a hell of a time. I had it all adjusted and working and I don’t know what happened but it came disconnected again, I tried hooking it all back up and tightening everything but the lever kept slipping out of its hole. I closed the hole up a bit so it would stop and got new hardware for the lever bracket but it seems as though it’s just not lining…

65 Fury 2 4 door Shift selector

Please help me find this part

I have a 2021 RT Charger, the little plastic part that says CHARGER right about the hood latch broke. I need to replace it but have no idea where to find it online,

cruise in pics


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Hvac box ac linkage

I got the heatercore fixed and installed ,I dont think I put my linkage back together correctly… any have photos on how it should be set up? Or good pic from manual. I read thru mine 3 x on how it supposed to operate but doesn’t seem to be shifting right and trying to get it right be for I install back in the car.

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NOS ignition and door locks

Contact Seller
NOS door and ignition lock set believe 72 and up. Asking $85 shipped.

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Wheels and Tires

Was looking for wheel and tire ideas. Post pictures if you got um. Tire and wheel sizes that work. I have a 68 Newport sedan.

1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Coupe – $7,000 (North Branch)

not mine

1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Coupe – general for sale – by owner

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