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Hey all

Ok, brake, tire wheel issue resolved. After discussing with my wife, and a couple of sleepless nights the brake, tire/wheel issue is resolved. Wer decided to keep everything as stock as we can. So, I am going to replace all brake assemblies….

Identify this distributor?

I came across this small block dual points distributor on eBay but I can’t find much information regarding what it is, manufacturer, what points it uses, etc.

Looks like an aluminum body but was listed as an OEM smallblock part. Any ideas?

Exhaust manifold to head gaskets

I know they did not have a gasket from the factory.

The gaskets i have are way too big in the port area. There would only be a tiny area of gasket between the flange and the head surface.

These came with the complete kit i bought from 440 source…

Whats decent at the wheels horsepower and torque

What’s is considered decent horsepower and torque at the wheels for a 383 and 400 and 440 for a charger

sorry again

Got it


Wrong Place

1979 Little Red 360 sniper kit

Anyone put a Holley Sniper on there 360? Bought my Little Red new in 79 and now thinking of replacing the Thermoquad with a fuel injection system. How difficult and expensive would this be to switch?