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I’m confused

When I look at a members profile.
I see an unignore and if I click on it is shows ignore
When it shows ignore am I ignoring ?
So if I want to ignore and click on the ignore it then reads unignore.

Same as follow and unfollow.

Is what is being displayed is what’s happening?

Maybe it’s me. I just don’t want to ignore anyone yet

How to install doorstop bumpers

Guys, I have no idea how to install these things. When I took the door apart, the large portion was the part inside the door, and the narrow part was the exposed section. This appears to be way too large to install from the outside. Or do I have this b…

Just purchased a ’67 Coronet 440, and it’s slow…

I just purchased my first classic Mopar, a 1967 Coronet 440 with 87k miles, a stock 383, 4bbl carb, 3 speed 727 torqueflite, and a 8 3/4 rear end.

This was originally a 2bbl so I believe it was originally rated at 280hp. However, right now it feels more like 150hp. The first gear acceleration is “fine”, but it feels the car starts to become sluggish after 30mph and acceleration decreases. I’m not expecting it to perform like a modern car but I think this motor can do better.

Last night I…

Just purchased a ’67 Coronet 440, and it’s slow…

Late model post 70 WP pulley

Single groove water pump pulley. Size and dimensions and price are on the tag. Plus shipping

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Fran Blacker is awesome

So it turns out Fran Blacker had the shoulder bolt I needed for my 67 project, and was kind enough to just send it! Amazing

Hurst shifter handles

I have 2 pn 7238 shifter handles that came off of super shifters at one time or the other .
$30.00 plus shipping

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Pair of barely used rear KYB Gas A just shocks. Fits the rear of A bodies and I’m sure other models. $50.00 for the pair plus shipping.

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