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I’ll Be Using “Neutral” in Place of “Park”

Just putting things back together on the ’65 Formula S and have found a quirk that is going to be a big pain: Although the floor shift cables are both adjusted to perfection, the transmission haphazardly will not release the park sprawl (or whatever you call it). This permits the 904 to engage reverse or drive but prevents the vehicle from moving even an inch in either direction.

So I raise the differential, place a pair of jack stands under there, and then experiment with the floor shift…

I’ll Be Using “Neutral” in Place of “Park”

1970 dart rear armrests

Good driver quality… ashtrays real nice…$50 plus $17 shipping in medium flat rate box from 14111

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Gill Welding’s Latest Product….

Yall check this out. WITH power steering WITH A/C. @pishta you oughtta like this!

1970 dart heater control

Fan switch broke but everything else is working fine…all cables move as they should…$50 plus $23 shipping in large flat rate box from 14111

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Radio delete

On a car with the radio delete option, what did the factory do about the antenna hole in the fender? I’m ditching my radio and antenna and don’t really want to weld the hole closed
Any ideas?

Fender tag help……1974 Plymouth Roadrunner

As the title states…..can anyone help decode? Sorry for the pic, it was sent that way. Thanks in advance!

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Roll bar lights

I’m looking for a pair of old school round roll bar lights for my 79 PW. If you have any you want to part with please let me know.