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Montana woman shoots, skins Siberian husky she mistook for a wolf

Oops ……​​​Amanda Rose Barnes insisted she acted in self-defense after the pooch growled at her​

A Montana woman who shot and skinned a Siberian husky she mistook for a wolf on a hunting trip, and then posted the gruesome p…

Long Boring intro to me and my first request for help.

My name is Robert. I am an old time mopar fanantic. In the 80’s as a teenager, I owned numeorus mopars including a 1970 Dodge Charger SE with an auto and every option including A/C, power windows, locks, brakes, leather and I paid $1,000.00 for it….

Any structural engineers here?

I am planning to build a 30x20or24 building that will be used as an exercise gym. One thing I need to find out, and for which I have searched the retardnets to no avail, is the answer to the following question:

With an open span of 20 feet plus I gues…

The precieved power of some

I hobbled into our local DMV yesterday to
renew the registration on one of my vehicles.
While there, I asked for the necessary forms
to get my speciality built vehicle titled and
I tried to explain to the DMV employee what I
was working on….

74 dart can’t get a spark

74 dart special edition

Ok so I was driving the other night and the car stopped running. I thought it was gas so I pushed to the side got gas and the engine just cranked. I had it towed home so I can play around with it and I’m about to light it on fi…

Whiplash cam

Thinking of upgrading my stock 69 318. Nothing crazy, just a little more horsepower and the nice loopy sound from the whiplash cam.
What would be the ideal intake manifold, carb etc. Any headers with a good fit?

What the heck is up with gas prices?

After slowly, very slowly dropping local gas prices over the last several months, it suddenly has gone back up by almost a dollar in a week and a half? Wr are back to $5.39 a gallon for regular!