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Hi from Phoenix AZ! Picked up a non-running 1974 Plymouth Valiant Scamp

After a long day driving, renting a trailer, loading and unloading in the AZ summer heat, I’ve got a 1974 Plymouth Valiant Scamp /6 auto in my garage. The seller claimed he bought it from a salvage yard he worked at a few years ago with the intention o…

Glyptal Red

I changed an intake the other day and re-found that old glistening Glyptal Red valley staring me in the face. I forgot all about that stuff. This is in a .060 over 68 440 HP short block that I got for $100 many years ago. I just put some heads on it an…

Windshield Removal 70 Charger

Well I thought I was going slow and careful and still managed to crack the bottom driver side of the windshield. I have access to a parts car, so I think I can get a replacement easily.

I’m using plastic tools lots of soap & water and hadn’t even…

am/fm radio

My 72 am/fm E body radio quit working, I had it redone by Wards radio years ago. Where is a reliable place to get it repaired or upgraded or should I just go modern and buy a repro?
Looking for suggestions Thanks

Over-Drive 1967 Plymouth Mid Size Car Fact Sheet

Hey B Body folks,

The 1967 Plymouth Mid-Size Car Fact Sheet is up and waiting for you on! Here’s the link: 1967 Plymouth Mid-Size Car Fact Sheet

Enjoy your weekend.

Graffiti in the lifter Valley ?

Finally got to disassemble my bargain 440 motorhome engine. And found that it had a mopar double roller timing chain set. Without a oil slinger. All the rod ends look normal except for one. And the graffiti. Anybody seen this before? Oh, and it had a w…

seeking 1964 1965 2 door hardtop roof

Anybody got one on here for sale??