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This will fry up a bunch of chicken!

Check out what Lodge just made…

It’s only 18′ in diameter!
I betcha every chicken along the highway fainted when they saw that skillet.

Comp Solid Roller

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Big block. Has dyno time only. $350.00 usd plus shipping. I do have the matching valve springs also. $150.00 usd plus shipping. Timing set $75.00 usd plus shipping. Thanks. Kim

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1968 Barracuda A Body Hurst console shifter handle

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As pictured fits console…

Paint question..sealer

OK, I took the advice of some on here and removed the edp coating on my new fenders, and sure enough, there were some minor pits in the metal with rust growing in them. My question is , what is the best primer or sealer to spray these bare fenders with…

Christene Carr is looking for love

This email just showed up in my gmail spam inbox.

I… think if I convert from… it must be cm and kg, right?
So she’s, uh mumble mumble… carry the nine… divide… 5’2″ and 125 lbs?

But she doesn’t sound like my type.

Does anyone know where I can find proper SAE units women?

Also am I just remembering wrong, but…

Christene Carr is looking for love

68-69 Dart Glove Box Door w/Bezel

For sale is a glove box door from a 68 Dart GTS. Includes the bezel, hinge, lock mechanism, latch tab and the retaining cable with the shoulder screw. $50 plus postage. No Paypal.

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73-Up Disk Brake Dust Shields

For sale is a pair of 73-up disk brake dust shields. They aren’t perfect as they have some wrinkles and other imperfections but they aren’t all rusted out. I sandblasted and primered them. $25 + postage. No Paypal.

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