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Engine heat and radiator

I am finally running some short drives with my fury. My second temp gauge is still reading low about 30F, but with no thermostat, I am still getting to 190 in cool weather idling with hood down. So, I talked to a friend with 427 in comet, and he ra…

Unfortunate mishap

While driving down the highway yesterday I met a semi with a wide load. While giving a wide berth I didn’t notice a big pothole on the edge of the road. Hit it at full speed and thought I blew a tire. The impact was hard enough to knock my hubcap off. …

Not Mine 1968 Sport Fury 4 Speed

1968 Plymouth sport fury

Which E-Brake cables

Need help deciding which new e brake cables to buy.
OEM steel or Stainless steel?
Anyone have experience with them?
Naturally I would think the SS is best
But my experience with SS is could be stiffer / harder to work with and not lay as the fact…

Home insurance

I don’t live in CA. I can’t speak to the issues going on there from personal experience. I live about as far removed from coastal BS as possible without living in the mountains as a hermit.
However, apparently CA is working to allow the insurance comp…

New member here in Montana

Thank you for the membership. Currently working on a 70 Coronet 383 and a 70 Charger 500. Looking for the small items to complete them. Will be posting in the near future

Dakota Exhaust

I blew the gasket on my driver side manifold. The 5500rpm massive burnout(my son laughed for 5 minutes afterwards) may have contributed, but I mean, it coulda been anything

Anyway, I went under there to look at the pipes harder for the first time. I …