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China MFG AMD Die Ownership

So I have been waiting for a long time for my AMD hood and it got me thinking. I wonder if AMD own’s the die’s for all those body parts?
I used to do mfg in China and my company did own the tooling. If AMD does own the tooling they have a chance to get…

WTB 22” 2- piece medal radiator fan shroud for a 62-65

WTB a used 22” 2-piece medal radiator fan shroud.

Painting the 69 Restomod

The project is moving ahead slowly. I’ve got the trunk and engine compartment in base color along with the panel backs. Then the weather turned to crap. I shot everything with epoxy primer sealer with 20% reducer but that had a million flaws so I sande…

New to Mopars—BUT always a cool different car fan.

short story – ended up with a 66 Barracuda to restore for grandson as his 1st car. I am at the end of the build and have some issue with the car/transmission/rear end power…
former owner put in a A-833 4 spd with OD behind the slant 6.. (it still ha…

Fastener guide.

Anyone know if there is such a guide. Screws and bolts sizes locations etc…. I have a 71 satellite. Thanks

WTB Tremec Transmission 69 GTX

Anyone selling a tremec setup for 69 GTX. Looking to swap from auto to manual. Just thought I would ask just in case. Post pics price.

1966-67 B Body Non Console Shifter

For sale is a 1966-67 Non Console Inland Shifter handle. This listing is for the shifter handle only and does not include the reverse lock out mechanism, pull lever or the shifter knob. This piece is in driver condition and does have some rust in 2 spo…