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74 clutch pedals

Looking for a clutch pedal assembly for a 74 duster.

I pay with PayPal and I’m in 81006, colorado


Trouble Installing 18 spline A-833 through dual disc clutch assy.

Working with my pal Brian to install his HEMI four speed through a dual disc Mcleod assy in a Quick time bell housing. I’ve done lots of four speed installs but never had one fight like this. Always single discs though. Can’t seem to push it in no ma…

’69 Side Marker Inside Support Bracket

’69 Side Marker Inside Support Bracket. I will also include 2 Acorn Pal-Nuts. Cleaned and glass beaded. Asking $4 + Shipping. Will accept Postal Money Order or PayPal G&S

Mystery Rattle Noise

225 stock except it has a super six intake and Stromberg ww3 carb uknown mileage

I went to take the car out this morning and it was idling rough, thought it might have just been not fully warmed up yet but thought I heard a noise while driving so I ca…

1957 Chrysler Saratoga for sale or trade for 4×4

1957 Saratoga 4 door hardtop
Looking to sell or trade or partial trade.
Pennsylvania Title

It has an engine and transmission it hasn’t been started in a few years, engine still spins freely.
I even have a spare transmission and engine parts.
Needs starter and radiator fixed or replaced to hook up to try to get it started again.

I bought it last year hoping my son’s would be interested, but their not since it’s not a 19587-58 Plymouth or a 4×4 truck.

Willing to partially trade and take…

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410 LA small block will not rev past 6000

Hello all,

I have a 1972 Demon 4 speed, 3.91 gears, with a LA 410 CID stroker, it’s 12.3-1 Comp, Ported Eddy heads with 2.055" intake valves, Hughes 242/246 @0.050 cam with 0.587/0.592 lift with Hughes 1.6 shaft rockers, Hughes PN 1129 springs in…

Ignition Harness Connector Pin Removal

anyone know of a tool or technique to remove the wires/pins from the connector? Need to depress the two flanges. Like some barrel that slides over the connector/pin.