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Original Intake Manifold Vacuum Fittings

I have some original intake manifold vacuum fittings for sale:
Picture #1 has the main plus 1 small finger qty 1
Picture #2 has the main plus 2 small fingers qty 1
Picture #3 has the main plus 4 small fingers qty 2
The price is $10.00 each plus shippin…

NOS MOPAR 70 1970 Dodge Charger R/T S/E 440 426 HEMI N95 flip top GAS CAP 2925745


View attachment 1289370

View attachment 1289371

View attachment 1289372

Crossram Bolts

I am in the reassembly phase of my cam swap. When taking things apart, I did not realize the intake manifold bolts are all different lengths. I know the shortest bolts go on the ends (as shown in the pic), what is the order that the different length …

I’ll be OK

For those that have been texting and calling… I’m ok.

Yes… I was robbed. It was a truly horrifying experience but I’m ok… just a little shaken up.

For those that don’t know I was robbed at a Valero last night. The whole thing was caught on camera. After my hands stopped trembling, I managed to call the police. They were quick to respond, explaining that this is happening all over the country. Even tho all the money i had on me is gone… I am still alive, and that’s all that matters….

I’ll be OK

Cup Holder

yes, I know, not a pressing subject but I thought I show my cup holder that will work on console. First I had a corvette cup holder (heavy 1968-1982 Corvette Drink Tray Cup Holder | eBay. I cut off the original "legs" and JB weld some plasti…

Trunk LId.

Dose any know if a 73 Satellite trunk lid will fit a 71 road runner.

Sad day

When we cant even post asking for prayers about 19 children murdered and having a moderator move it