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Spark plug info please

Hi all.
just a quicky,
when my 318 was standard it was running NGK BP5ES spark plugs with the standard gap of I think was .8???

although my engine was an ELB model with electronic ignition it…

Adjustable pinion snubber

Adjustable pinion snubber fits 8 3/4” has been media blasted and painted with semi gloss black. $ 58.40 Free shipping in the USA.

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Omit carb spacer or not

As most know I have the intake off of my 340 for lifter issues and have chosen to upgrade intake manifold from a regular Edelbrock Performer to an LD340, both dual planes, with the LD340 being 3/4” taller carb location. So I mocked it all up yesterday…

New Member Intro.

Hello folks. I am a Mopar enthusiast and have been restoring a few over my lifespan. I also have purchased and bought out many dealers stock and private collections over this time. I have amassed a pretty large collection of NOs and really nice used parts. I am currently buying truckloads that I have waited 30 plus years to get. Its an amazing pile. No parts are newer than 1976. Many 50’s and 60’s. I am currently in Minn. negotiating a deal on a dealers unseen stockpile. They opened in 1930….

New Member Intro.

Advice on factory welds

What welds did they do in the factory in 1970 on the Charger where the upper suspension arm mounts are? Got one really shitty factory weld that was a series of welding blobs, their machine must have been playing up that day. I’ve ground it out …

A little annoyed

The other month i had to remove the right hand side extractor to fix my oil lines, i had used Remflex gaskets 6027 , this engine hasn’t been fired with them so just torqued up to the 20ft they recommended, anyway getting to the point, the bloody thing separated at #8 and stuck to the extractor and fucked the gasket, yes i was carefuling, so another $80 aussie to replace it.

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NOS 64 Dodge Tail Lamp Bezels

Hello folks. I am brand new to the site so please excuse me if I make mistakes navigating PM’s and the likes. I have two NOS 64 Dodge tail lamp bezels in the original boxes. I am not sure if they fit the 500 models? Should fit all base cars. 225.00 shipped domestic. I can accept Paypal. Photos may not be the greatest but bezels are mint. Thank you for the ad!

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