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1972 roadrunner clone

Please be patient with me as I’m working 68 a week. I will post pics as a get the time to post noon showing progress on my car.

1970 Plymouth Grand Coupe – $500 (Sheldon, ND)

Might as well post up the cheap hulk of a parts car it’s been kicking around in the bookmark bin for awhile, I’ll bet you can drag it away for scrap price.

1970 Plymouth Grand Coupe – auto parts – by owner – vehicle…

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1970 Plymouth Fury Grand coupe for parts. Hide away head lights, good front and rear bumpers, good trunk lid, lots of good parts….

1970 Plymouth Grand Coupe – $500 (Sheldon, ND)

Transmission cooler question

I’m going to be running a large transmission cooler…. 11" X 12" plate and fin type…..

Stand alone or in series with radiator???

Running a 2500 stall….

1968 Plymouth Fury III Convertible 318 3 speed on column $27,000

Going through my CL bookmarks this morning to delete the dead ones I come across this high priced one and ask myself why did I save this one? I see I denoted the bookmark with FT for fender tag which is important… so lets have a re-look… OH It’s a pedal car!
Not the best pics, I’ll post a few of the 13, maybe someone can do the others.

1968 Plymouth Fury III Convertible – antiques – by owner…

1968 Plymouth Fury III Convertible 318 3 speed on column $27,000

Floor jacks – MAC Tools 2.5 ton vs Craftsman 3 ton

I’ve had the Craftsman 3 ton floor jack pictured on the left for 19 years. It’s always worked fine, raised anything I needed it to raise. However, I’ve never liked how the handle isn’t fixed to the jack. It’s always a pain in the neck to keep it inserted, so I went on the hunt for a more traditional jack with a fixed handle.

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I found the MAC Tools 2-1/2 ton jack, and right away I noticed the obvious size difference. Now, engineers aren’t stupid, so I know…

Floor jacks – MAC Tools 2.5 ton vs Craftsman 3 ton

Carb size ?????

Hey guys I would like your input. I have a .040 over 440 stock crank and rods forged pistons,stealth heads the motor has been decked and is 10.5.1 compression I have a comp 564 cam with 1.6 rockers 3/8 rods full msd and 3 inch exhaust. I drive on the s…

1968 Charger Front Seats, 383 Engine Wiring Harness, PB Booster, 3 sp Wiper Motor

I have nice bucket seat frames but would like to buy some seats, preferably with tracks. I need the other things too. TY