727 Transbrake help

Well i guess the exploding torqueflite thread kind of already answered part of this.I called a very reputable trans builder today to see about getting rid of my junk Ger and stepping up to a decent converter.One of my questions brought up a trans brake.I was informed that trans brakes can take about 50% of the reliability out of 727 and that he's seen people lose half their foot and many other horror storys.This because the sprag is in the back of the tranny.Thats not exactly what i wanted to hear.I have a full manual reverse valvebody that i was hoping to replace with a transbrake and decent converter.Now im gun shy and might just footbrake.I know you cant get full stall though footbraking.Anybody have a transbrake in their 727?Is there a better choice?I see that 7172Duster leaves pretty damn hard lol.
Author: admin