Dad passed away

At 5:15 am this morning my Dad passed away. I got word Thursday night that he took a turn for the worse. The latest and strongest chemo treatment knocked the crap right out of him and he was admitted to ICU on Thursday afternoon. I was able to get a flight home and be at the hospital for him with friends and family Friday. The outlook was very grim and he was moved to Palliative care Sunday afternoon.

I was blessed enough to have Lori by my side throughout this very hard time. Lori and I made beds and stayed by Dads side until he passed at 5:15 am today

Some of you may know and some may not, but Dad was a car guy through and through. He was not a computer guy by any means, so I kept FABO updated with a project a 67 Barracuda that he had purchased almost 2 years to the day today. Dad, myself and my Uncle Ron made the journey to Colorado ourselves to pick it up. Dad bought it from another member here "colomopar"/Jim. I was blessed enough to be able to be a part of this trip and have both my Uncle and Dad with me.

This was not the 1st long distance trip we went on for a nice set of wheels. A few years ago Dad was on the hunt for a nice truck. We found a gorgeous 58 Apache that was in Wisconsin and we made the journey there as well. The 67 Barracuda was bought and then Dad sold the Apache.

I know I am starting to ramble here, but how do you fit almost 70 years(would have been 70 on March 22) into a few paragraphs??
Although we ALL lose our fathers/parents, there was no way to be able to prepare myself for this day. Being 2 Provinces away from home made helping Dad deal with his illness very difficult. He fought as much as he could, but it was simply too much for him as well as friends and family seeing him suffering.

Here is a pic of him and "Cuda" a dog that him and his wife got a week after we got back from Colorado.

From myself, Lori, Dad and his wife Joanne, as well as all my friends and family. I want to thank you all for your help and support through everything. Needless to say this has been and will be difficult for all of us, he was the best Dad in the world because he was MY DAD!

Thank you ALL
Steve, Lori and family

Oh, THANK YOU to all the members that Dad has been lucky enough to meet. He had a great time at Moparfest meeting a great bunch of guys and was truly disappointed that we could not make it to 2013.

Rest in peace Dad, I love you, respect you and miss you tremendously and try to emulate you and your legacy every day.

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