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The first football game I’ve watched all season. Chiefs/Bengals.

Mostly I just have hate for the NFL. I used to be a big Chiefs fan but I got tired of their BS during the kneeling stuff. Since the rest of my family are still Chiefs fans I decided to watch the playoff game last night. Damn, that was a nail-biter an…

Going to Boise 2/8

I have to go to Boise to go through my brothers apartment and stuff. He has very MS and can no longer function on his own. He has his apartment and 2 storage lockers. I have 2 weeks to look through and liquidate bascally everything he owns. He was doin…

Bobby Hull won’t be down

As much as I hate the Blackhawks, Bobby was a legend. RIP Golden Jet.
Hockey legend Bobby Hull, who starred for Blackhawks, dead at 84

Barrett Strong Won’t Be Down…

Growing up during the MoTown music era, the writers and performers of that great music were often times over looked. He wrote the Raisin Song and Gladys Night and the Pips great version of, “I Heard It Through The Grape Vine”…RIP Barrett

:praying: :praying: :praying: :usflag::usflag::usflag:

RIP Bobby Hull

Bobby Hull, the Chicago Blackhawks’ legendary ‘Golden Jet’ and Hall of Famer, dies at 84

Summit code or coupons available?

Anybody have any up to date discount codes for Summit Racing?