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CHP 1969 Polara donated to CHP Museum

In 2010 I met Ron Hurwitz when I was still working on making a clone CHP 69 Polara. At that time he told me that the plan was to someday donate his car to the CHP Museum. Through the years he had received offers and had people question him, Ron isn’t a…

It’s back! lmao mopar performance BB valve covers on FB *not mine*

here’s some mopar performance valve covers on marketplace for $140 with billet dipstick(oil dipstick, not seller even though he is one) and mopar oil breather
he’s "not interested in shipping" because "no time" but figured if one o…

Grand children., the crap they come up with.

I’m fortunate that I have 5 with a great grandson to. Tonight we all went to dinner for my wife’s birthday. So as conversations go I soon find out that my 14 year old grandson has a new young lady friend. So I start giving him a little crap because we …

My kingdom for an affordable, yet comfortable (cozy??) office chair for a bigger fella!

I’m 260lbs for starters – and all the crap at the usual national chain office supply stores is the same…
Chinese, made the same and too damn small for an adult-sized male.
No "bucket" shaping of the seat (irritates hell out of sciatica), no…

That time of year

This is the worst thing about living in New York, winter is coming and it’s time to put her away for months.

were to get Carter 2 barrel rebuild kit

Looked and cant seem to find a rebuild kit for my 2 barrel. Carter 0-2027 came off of the 70 charger. Thanks for any help. Dave

Just won 1st place for stock

I know it’s not my charger or coronet but I can’t belive it
I took first place at a jeep show today with my 77 CJ-5
Won the stock class
I can’t get over it
77 CJ-5 golden eagle