Any Row Crop farmers….

....on here? I need some advice from people that have the answers. I'll tell ya what i'm doing and you give me your ideas. I like feeding the wildlife and have feeders out for that very purpose but now i'd like to go even deeper into it. I bought a two row corn planter and have about 3 plots picked out which will be about 2 or 3 acres each. I plan on planting corn, soybeans, and some milo. In talking with the main row crop guy here by me i've been told to spray the area with roundup or Hi Yield Kilzall and kill all the grass. Wait a couple of weeks until dead then turn it over and lime it. Let set till spring then finish tilling to work up the ground. I plan on dropping fertilizer with the seed and spraying again after the corn comes up. With what is the question? What type of field corn? How deep do i need to set the planter? How close can i plant the rows? What should i spray the corn with to prevent bugs? The deer, coon, and quail are eating at my feeders now so i know they'll eat the stuff i plant plus will give em some good cover. The sharing of your knowledge will be greatly appriciated. This is just a fun hobby for me so dont tell me i cant make any money. I'm not trying to. I'm sure i'll have some more questions but answer these for now if ya can help. Thanks
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