Rear drum BBP

Ok so over the past year or so I have been keepin an eye out for my 8.75 rear swap. I picked up an A body housing with a 741 case sure grip with clutch style and 391's for 400 bucks. Along with a B body housing and some axles. Problem is when I bought it there were no brakes. So ive been looking and being that i have front discs rears are not completely necessary. I was looking at the local craigslist and found a guy with an 11 inch drum and backing plate package for an 8.75 rear. He emailed me back with a phone number to call him and come check everything out. I wanted to verify that this is what i need for my 8.75 BBP swap before i call this guy and get the 411 on everything before i call this guy and sound like an idiot before he rips me off. How much should i offer for a package like this? anything else i need to keep my eyes out for. I apologize for the run on questions but Im trying to learn quick this is a learn as i go process with me and my scamp and all possible input and help is appreciated.

Author: admin