whoops; shoulda’ done this a while back

Well, I forgot this part. Dang. Joined a few months back, or longer. I don't get on very often, work and life keep me pretty busy. I live in northern Idaho, before that southern Utah.

I've been into Mopars since about 1965, when I was six and my parents bought a Cornet station wagon. Darts are my favorite, I have a 69 2dr Custom and a 65 270 sedan. Also an A-108 truck that started life as a van but now it's a crew cab pick-up. Like the Little Red Wagon, for the family.
They are all projects at this point, and unfortunately 1000 miles away in Utah. I try to pick up some parts and such each year for the future build. I also picked up a 74 Dart Swinger, it's a factory sun roof car and I'll be parting it out if anyone needs any 73-on Dart parts. I'm planning to use the roof on my 69. I started with a 68 GTS, but it was totaled in 1984. The other driver turned in front of me going very sloooowwwly. Very sad day. I switched the drivetrain over to the 69. Now the 340 4-speed is out of it but I have a 400 (future stroker) and Tremec 5-speed for it.

Many many moons ago I started the 67-68 Dart GTS Registry. That was before the internet. I bequeathed all the registry info to the current GTS Registry, here is a link http://www.geocities.com/gtsreg/ . If you have a GTS please register it. Frank Remlinger runs a good show there.

There are many here smarter then me, but I'm happy to help others where I can. Enough 'bout me, I hope to be able to bring a car up and get working on it. After the heater goes into the shop, a dune buggy gets put together and a few projects in the house to keep my good wife happy.

I look forward to conversing with the good folks here. Alan Miller
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