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Welcome, August

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Welcome, lemap68

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Hello from Lake Stevens, WA

Hello, just figured I’d introduce myself. Not currenty a E body owner, but my goal is a barracuda project in the next 5 years. Currently working on a 67 A108 and a 67 D200 CSS pickup along with some off brand cars. Here to lurk and learn! Thanks y’all…

Welcome, moparybabeh

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New Member

New member from NJ. Thanks for the add. I currently have an A12 RR in Vit C 4spd.
I have already found this site to be very helpful and would suggest it to anyone with a Mopar.

Left hand thread wheel studs

My son didn’t realize the 67 Coronet R/T had left hand threads on the driver side and broke 2. Have been looking for replacements and have had no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

Welcome, Vinny65

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