What is a good price?

OK.....my Dad bought my '64 Valiant.....(I'll still be working on it though 8))...so my '72 Swinger will get full attention.
I'm really, and I mean really considering installing a V-8. I want a 383........but I can't afford a BB.
So...a small-block is in order, and I don't know what to look for. A 318(I saw Mopar Muscle's build-up of a 400 hp 318=P~) But some people present that a 360 is better. Depending which one I settle on....what's a good price?
I have no idea on the worth of a core engine, or maybe even a nice short-block. Please help! I would like to leave the six in the car while building a v-8, then swap it all over......I guess I need a tranny too.:read2:
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