What carb or carbs to use on my supercharged slant 6

Am going to the route of carbs on the supercharged slant6 due to my low budget. Have figured out all of the plumbing needed for the air intake and etc, just waiting for supercharger to get here. Thought about a small 4 barrel, big 2 barrel, and my really weird Idea, 2 or 3 Mikuni vm style carbs, I thought they would be neat, as they flow more cfm as there is more suction, that and its different, MIKUNI VM36's flow around 150 cfm, so I figured why not use three of them on a nicely fabbed intake, what are your guys opinions, am open to everyones opinions and ideas, maybe you have an idea I have not thought about before, I figured on the Mikuni's as I have a pile of them kicking around

thanx guys

Author: admin