Need help with install

Ok got all my stuff,new summit alum Radiator, tranny cool, was happy as hell to get it in, and 8 hours later. done. Had hose issues. found a good lower, but the upper we had to rig. Car stays cool. But wait, now the dam thing stals every time i try to move.
The temp never even got up to 185, it was real low 130 maybe, The top hose is hot, the bottom is not. WTF What now. This was a pain in the ass, and now it seems worse. One problem my friend says , he thinks the upper hose needs to be higher then where it goes into the motor. Im so fn frustrated, i want to drive the car off a cliff.

I know im babbling but the top hose come out of the top of the raidiator, turns straight up,90's around the smog pump 90's to the left for about 10" and then 90's down into the water neck. (just to give a visual)
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