Went out for a cruise…

Tom stopped by and I promised him a ride in the car. I pulled it out and headed for gas. Then we started driving....and driving.....and driving. We were out & about for almost an hour and I was in heaven. The car ran beautifully! I let Tom drive it and he was impressed with the way she rides and performs. During our ride back to the garage we passed by a Ricer shop that had about 7 guys hanging with their Hondas & Mitsu's...and I couldn't control myself. I did something VERY stupid...dangerous..... and irresponsible: I lit `em up. Nothing too insane, just enough to make some GOOOOOOD noise. Pulled 2nd, 3rd, and by 4th I was out of road. And delirious with happiness.

But man.... I wanted a cigarette and a sandwich afterwards. =P~
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