Took a long break

My car (1973 Duster)hasn't been on the road since 2010 and I took a break from cars almost completely. The engine was broken and I had it sleeved and refreshed, 1969 340 with stock crank and rods. TRW (yes I know) pistons 10.5 replacements from ages ago, MP 508 cam( yes I know) hey its a total budget build :), production 308 iron heads with no porting but a 2.02 intake valve in them. 1.5 roller rockers, Torquer II (yes I know) intake, 750 HP holley, 1 5/8 headers 3 inch exhaust, 904 trans with 9 1/2 dynamic converter 2800 stall, and a 4.56 gear with 28 in tall tires. The car weight 3150 with me in it and it ran consistant 12.00-12.20's at 110mph. I don't have much money and was considering gear change so my question is...what would YOU spin this combo to RPM wise and is the 4.56 too much gear? Thanks Derick
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