Alternator Recommendation LOW price/recommended

My co-worker directed me to these guys.

Claimed no-hassle, great packaging, fast shipping, great prices.

Option 100 Amp

1973 Plymouth Roadrunner 5.6L 8 Cyl Alternator
No Hassle Warranty (1 Year Included)
List Price:$149.92Sale Price :$83.29Free ShippingRefundable Deposit
(for your old Alternator?) $25.00

Maybe this is a good deal, not sure. I have not done all the home work.

Oreilly's gave me one with 75 amps for $56 with military discount.
Advance does rediculous deals ONLINE. The forementioned prices are cheaper than any restoration catalog and what the local business charges to rebuild one.
I would be interested if anyone could tell me where you could buy the rebuild kits.

:) :burnout: :) :)
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