some junkyard pics

took a 200+ mile round trip from Cincinnati to Columbus, Indiana to a junkyard today to buy a windshield for my 63 dart. only to find out AFTER i got there that it was cracked, and also, get this, not for sale!!! was told it was worth more to them to keep it in the car to keep the elements out than to sell to me. what the hell? at least i didn't come away empty handed, got an early a-body antenna and mount from the 63 valiant (the one with the windshield i needed) and a good condition rear window gasket from the 65 dart. Lots of early mustangs in this yard, more than i've ever seen together in one place! anyway here are some pics i took with my cell phone, wish i would have thought to bring my camera. enjoy if you can.
p.s. please don't ask about parts, I'm pissed that they screwed me so i probably won't waste my time going back out there again for quite a while.

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