Seeking Dan with the 68 Dart / Powder ???s

aka ...

I replied to your email but it was returned as undeliverable. Rather than let you sit there thinking I'm ignoring you, I'm including my reply here.

Hi Dan! First off, thank you for the compliments! I love what I do and hope it shows.

Unfortunately, my current oven's not large enough for a rear end housing; I'm getting an 8'x6'x4' built but honestly have no idea when it will be finished. (The guy doing the work had a heart attack about 5 months ago and work came to a standstill. I'm not sure when -- or if -- he'll get it finished.) There's another guy on FABO who's also a coater (ID name is Boxer) but I know nothing about his work, his oven size, or him personally. I've never seen any public reviews about him or his work either but he may be able to help you out. I believe he's in Wisconsin.

The good news is that your backing plates will fit in my current oven. Depending on the color you want and how clean they are when they get here, they usually run about $15 (disc) to $25 (drum) each plus the return shipping. Being a FABO member, you're also entitled to a 10% discount off the labor total unless that particular month's special is more favorable to you. (For example, August's special was 20% off valve covers.)

Thank you for your email and for the opportunity to perhaps earn your business! If you have any questions or need any more information, just give me a call. I look forward to working with you. Mopar on!!!!!!!!! :-)

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