904 Convertor 3K-OR

I have had this convertor on the shelf for about 3 years. It is for a 904 and I bought it from Mike Goody AKA Goodysgotacuda. You can read a rather lengthy post on Moparts and there is some info here about it as well. He spent a lot of time making a decision to upgrade to a really great convertor.

Basically he replaced this one with a nice expensive one and was happier.

It is a typical budget convertor. I removed it from the box and then put it on a shelf and it has sat. It has a nice cap on it so it isn't full of junk etc.

I'll ship it to your door for $100 in the continental USA.

I am attempting to finish my 440 car and will not be needing my small block stuff anymore.

Price: $100-including shipping
Location: Southern Oregon
Shipping: Included in price
Trades: Maybe
Contact information: radjad (at) gotsky.com

Thanks for looking, ROB
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