Running hot

I'm losing my patience with my toy. It runs hot. With a 190 stat I run 220-230 in traffic at 85-90 degrees outside. I checked the water temp against my gage and the gage is accurate. I installed a new (not OEM) replacement 22 inch radiator, 3 inch wide top tank. No help. I installed a shroud. No help. I installed a 160 stat and it slowly goes back up to 220-230 in stop and go traffic. I removed the hood sound insulation thinking it was trapping heat. No help. I have a new standard water pump (not high volume). Water flows very good in the upper tank. Changed the rad cap twice - no help. Do you think getting the rad recored to 3 core would really help? I mean, you can only move so much water at a time and it already flows great. Any ideas? Thanx
Author: admin