another “Do? Or don’t I?”

OK.I have the option of picking up some Eddy heads (6077 or 60779) for my Sedan project. I have (what is supposed to be) a 60,000 mile 318 that I had originally planned on just changing the cam, valve springs, go from 1.50 to 1.60 exhaust and slap on a 4V and headers. Obviously the Eddy's would be to much for that, but not if I stroke it.

I figure a darn good stroking will add (maybe) $1500 to the cost of the project. That, and the fact that the aluminum heads will look like aluminum heads is the main "con". The obvious "pro" is "there is no substitute for cubic inches"

Knowing that I want to maintain the P/S, A/C, and over all driveability of this project, the question is "Do I or don't I?" And who makes the best kit?
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