Primer color/Paint hue?

So you're painting your car. You're painting it with a semi transparent or very thin type color. Depending on how dark you want the hue, will you prime it with a gray, buff, brown, or black primer. I've found that the finished product will be governed by the color of the primer used in preping for the paint. If using black primer then the finished paint job will be darker than if it were primed with a buff or gray primer. What's your findings on this guys? I think it would be a total No No on priming with two different colors of primer. Am i on the right track. I'll be shooting the Duster tomorrow with Tahitin Gold and i've got it primed totally with a lite gray color. I think the color will be very nice. What color was the factory primer that Ma Mopar used? By the way, this paint booth is killer. WOW !!
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