Duster Front Door Window Hardware/Misc. Parts

Have a 71 Duster and in need of front door window hardware. The 2 piece plastic bushings and screws that bolt the window to the regulator, (4 per window) and the window stops that bolt to the front and back of the window, (2 per side).

Also looking for a stock grille moulding. Theres two and I don't know if the are the same, but I need the lower one. They sit in the inside part of the grille, upper and lower and they are real thin, about a 1/4". They have metal tabs on it to hold it in place. Not the big upper and lower mouldings that screw on.

One more part. One or both front side marker lens, amber in color.

All parts are for a 71 Duster and I'm only looking for decent, driver quality parts. They don't need to be perfect or NOS. As I will probably be selling the car when I get it back together and painted.

Please let me know what you have or where I can get them.
Author: admin