Show me your white Duster – Demon car !!!!

Show me your white Duster – Demon car !!!! i need some good ideas for mine !!!:cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:

1967 dart post parts

I have the doors, hood, bumpers, trunk lid, quarter window chanels, fiberglass front fenders, glass, dash parts and wiring harness uncut, heater box, front seat with head rests, front suspession, rearend 7 1/4, etc.

call with needs 715-688-9495 thanks

cal text pics if needed dont have camera.

My buddies 65 Coronet.

Here is a pic of my good buddies 65 Coronet. It has a nice 383 in it and has run mid 12’s. He has the 65 Hemi scoop that will go on it soon. Ron…

Parts Store Prices!

I walked into a CarQuest today for a tube of RTV Black to install my intake manifold it was freakin almost 8 bucks! A little tube of seam sealer was $17 and a can of Right Stuff was 25 dollars! WTF is going on?

275/60/15 tire fitment question?

There was a red Dart vert. that had 275/60/15 under it with no minitub & no spring reloc, anyone know who I’m talking about?:read2:

turbo-action serious shift full man valve body

turbo-action serious shift cheetah full man valve body
asking $215 brand new in plastic/box never used!
or trade for a rebuilt with shift kit small block 904 trans

Application: 1966-92 Torqueflite 727, 904 (Non Lock-Up)
Shift Pattern: PRN321
Comments: No Engine Braking in First Gear

Charger R/T A body?

So here is the scoop. I sold a few dart parts to this guy from Brazil via ebay. We got to emailing back and forth and exchanged pictures of each others projects. I was shocked at the Mopar models in Brazil as I’m sure all of you will be. This is a Brazil model 1975 Charger R/T. He also has a 1976 as a project and a very odd dart. I think the charger looks awesome. Check this out.