newbie in town

hey guys many of you know my father….chad72duster….. well im new to this site and i am trying it out. so if you have any pointers let me know thanks bye…………………….mopars RULE

anyone near Delta, CO?

seen in Old Cars Weekly an auction on Aug 15~17 that has several Mopars

Orval Proctor of Delta, Colorado is listed as owner and to be auctioned off by Vanderbrink

here is their web site

if it wasn’t so far away i sure would like to check it out

I Want It Bad

I want to convert the duster to stick so if i can get everyhting for the right price…. ill do it :/

what do i need?

7 degree keepers instead of 10 degree…

any body messed up pistons, blocks heads or valves with using the old style 7 degree keepers?…

70 Duster taillite

One 70 duster tailite assembly,no bezel,nice lens with both inside trunk plastic covers. $50 for all + shipping. Give me an email address for pic. jglover002

looking for a couple parts locally

Hey guys,Im looking for a couple things for my dart project and Im hoping maybe someone around me (Vanouver Wa.),will have them.Im looking for a good radiator-I dont care if its a 22 or 26 since the cars not correct and I also need a passenger side spalsh shield,both of these are for a 70 dart.I probaly could use a couple small things but I will worry about those later,thanks.

72 Plymouth duster /6 $750 (craigslist) Good deal

Someone needs to jump on this, I would but im only 20 and allready have 2 cars and a truck and its hard enough to fund them 🙁 The dash pad dont even look split.