want 73-74 charger

want 73-74 charger, one that i can restore/rebuild for daily driver use…(in summer months only)…can be in need of many things, but must be…

Strange Rattle

I have a 340 in my 68 Barracuda…

I seem to have it running strong… no pinging or bogging and lots of fun to drive…

But when I am taking it easy and just driving around, there is a rattle at 1900-2400 rpms….

I am not sure where it is coming from, the motor pulls good, and makes no noise at idle or when I step on it….

Is this normal, or anyone have any suggestions or comments?

FNG w/pockets too shallow for a B-body.


I am probly jumping the gun a bit by joining. I am in the process of building a shop but I think the wife and I have settled on what kind of car we want to build first when it’s done.

We want to do a 68 or 69 Dart restomod. I am a huge B-body fan and had a 69 Charger basket case for a while. Eventually I want to do a Coronet or Super Bee but have decided to go with an A-body first for various reasons.

My current daily driver is a ’06 300c SRT8. I am absolutely in love with this car…

Chromed slant six air cleaner!! Cool Original 4 Memike!

Hey Memike, this would great on Victoria till you get your 4 barrel carb on!! Found it on ebay, neat item! I think it will fit any slant six 1 or 2 barrel carb?


Most memorable drag image

I’m sure all of us have an image in their mind of what a drag car should look like. Mine is an image from way way back as a young boy. When I think drags, I imagine a 55 Chevy, wheels up. It just looks right. I know, it’s not a Mopar(I’m kicking my own ass). What do you see as that one pic of a drag car?
As for stock cars, I would go with Buddy Bakers number 11 Petty Dodge(hey! the ass kicking did some good) sliding into the pits.That was a tough looking car.

1967 440 HP intake manifold

early 1967 440 H.P. intake manifold. date 12/20/66. $100.00. shipping around 27.00. contact me @ 785-448-3431

Replacing fuel pump

:read2:Need to replace the mechanical fuel pump in my 340. Would appreciate all advice on the proper steps to do this job. Thanks all in advance.