my magum 360/408 stroker build sheet. DONE!

ok, so after several days of questions here on the forum and lots of phone calls all over the country I have finally ordered the last of my parts.:cheers: this is all going in my 72 hard top scamp. let me know what you think!! :toothy10:
here is what Im going with....
forged 4340 steel 4 inch scat crank
forged 4340 steel scat I beam rods
keith black forged 10.5 to 1 pistons
Edelbrock performer rpm aluminum magnum heads
Harland sharp 1.5 aluminum full roller rockers
comp cams XR286HR10 rollercam Lift .544/.541
duration at 050=236int/242exh.
Arp crank studs
Milodon windage tray
Arp head bolts
Edelbrock performer rpm air gap manifold
Edelbrock 1407 750cfm carb
double roller timing chain set
Hooker super comp headers
Flowmaster 2 1/4 in. 3 chambers
Msd pro billet distributer
Msd blaster 2 coil
Msd 8.5 super conductor wires
Msd 6AL box
ATI super damper internally balanced balancer
B&M internally balanced flex plate
D&P billet super comp 9 inch converter 3000 stall
TCI super street fighter 727 transmission
8 3/4 with 391 gears

still need pushrods (have to measure them) and gaskets but it sounds like I will have to buy half a magnum set and half an LA set and then upgrade the head gaskets. was going to buy cometics head gaskets but found out they are $94.00 a piece!! couldn't stomach it but am still contemplating.....:read2: I went with a smaller cam than I had expected for several reasons. I don't know if anyone noticed that I posted about my buddy entering all my motor specs into the computer where he works. they have some serious cam selection program(not a free one but like $600) that picks the ideal cam for your setup. he entered all my specs and it popped out 2 cam recomendations. the closest we could find on the shelf were the 286hr and the 292hr through comp cams. the smaller 286 made like 8 more hp than the 292. airflow is restricted a bit with the edelbrock heads we are guessing and if your cant flow more air, more cam isn't going to help obviously. the heads will be cleaned up and enlarged a bit but you can only do so much with them with that push rod galley in the way. anyway let me know what you think. I will at least have something to work on this winter! I will post some pics of my car soon. thanks again for all the help.
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