Model Car Replicas

I don't know where to post this so I figure this is the best place.

I've decided to offer up my services. I build model cars in my spare time. I've built around 20 and I've been building for around 10 years. I've won a few awards at shows that I've attended in the last year. Just recently, I've decided to start building model car replicas for people.

I do mainly Mopar models but I am willing to do other muscle car models too. I'm not too firmilar with the newer cars. All models are plastic and either 1/24 or 1/25. I include the following things when I build models:
-Athentic looking chrome trim (not silver paint)
-Detailed interiors
-Detailed chassis'
-Detailed engine compartments (battery detailing, firewall detailing, ignition wires)
-Custom licence plates to match your car
That's just to name a few things. I do mainly stock looking models because I'm not too skilled with custom cars.
Prices on models vary. I've consulted a few people regarding a price I should charge and most people said I should charge $15 an hour. I think that is too much so I do it for $10 an hour. I get a lot done in an hour. Supply cost, kit cost and display case cost are extra. I insist people do the display case charge because I've seen too many built models get wrecked in the mail. Display cases really help get it there safe. They cost around $9 but are completley worth it. Model kits cost around $20. You can either supply a model kit or you could send $20 CAD so I can purchase the kit. It's entirely up to you. I'm in BC, Canada so please keep that in mind when it comes to funds. I only do money order because I don't have a pay pal set up.

I'm pretty busy right now. I currently have 5 model builds going for people so if you'd like me to build you a model replica of your car, please let me know either on this thread or via PM. It shouldn't be too long, I'll start building new orders once I get a few of the current builds around 50% done. All funds from building the models go to restoring my Charger and Duster :) I'm including some pictures of some of my personal builds.


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