prices all over the place

I have as as I am sure you have seen also several different cars for sale, that are similar to one another. There is a 68 barracuda on ebay with a hemi in it, that I think was on here for a while and if I remeber right he wanted around 130,000 for it. Then there is a 69 on a car lot that they are wanting 40,000 for it. Here recently I have seen hemi B body mopars from 85,000 to 150,000, this would be for the 68-70 cars.

Seems like a large span for cars. I feel that a quality restoration car will still bring good money whether it be a 340 or a hemi car. I still think that it pays to go the extra mile no matter what you are working on. I still would never of thought of seeing 67-69 barracuda's with hemis in them bringing over 70k, but asking and getting is another thing.
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