Misc. Mopar engine parts

Factory 340 steel crank harmonic balancer- 15.00

SB pulley set (double groove crank, single groove water pump)- 20.00

New (but not in box) Cloyes single roller timing set- 10.00

Carter Thermoquad 4 bbl. pulled from a good running '79 318 police engine- 20.00

Big block B-body factory baffled oil pan pulled from a 1973 440- 25.00

Carter 2 bbl. carb. from a '73 318, pulled from running engine but should probably be rebuilt- 10.00

Complete factory 4 bbl. kick down linakge for 727- 35.00

Rocker arms, shafts, and bolts from a '73 318 (nice shape)- 20.00

Email for pics. ryan_340@yahoo.com Buyer pays actual shipping cost. Thanks!
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