Making a carbon fiber package tray

There was some interest in carbon fiber composites in this catagory. I actually had two consecutive days off to work on this, so I thought you guys might be interested.

I know making a package tray is a basic deal, but this one has a built in full width third brake light.

First I took the original one, which was disintergrating, and transfered the pattern onto 1/4" ply. I then figured out what it was going to take to get the light visible above the bottom windsheild gasket elevation wise.
I attached a series of blocks in the needed arch to create the base of the light.
Since I already have the perf board that I am making the LED strips out of, I added the hight of the strip and attached a 1/4" back to the arc.
I then cut another piece of 1/4"ply to make the transition and create the top of the light. Fastned it on and bondo'd the seam.

I cut the carbon and dry fitted it to the piece, pre cut the peel ply and the bleeder cloth and made the bag out of 3mil poly. I then mixed and applied the epoxy, put on the peel ply and bleeder cloth. Sealed up the bag and evacuated the assembly. Five hours later I stripped the bag and plys off and trimmed the excess fabric while the composite was still a little flexible.
Pictures are included.

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