Dart Sports and Hang 10’s

Hello All,

Currently I have a 74 Dart Sport that is real solid. It is for sale, but realistically it isn't likely to sell in this economy etc. And truthfully I would rather not sell.

I have found a local 74 Hang 10 Dart Sport. It needs some help, etc. but it is closer to what I probably need, plus it looks nice (wife thing:toothy10:).

My car is basically set up as a low buck drag car. This car is set up to be more of a DD with some power added to it.

Anyways, what is the deal on the Hang 10's?
Are they valuable? Put another way, what does the value increase over a regular Dart Sport? The car will need a new interior .

I know the Dart Sports don't seem to have the following the Dusters do, and I would concur. My favorite A body is probably a 73 Duster.

Thoughts, opinions on the Dart Sport and Hang 10?

Thanks guys, ROB
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