Looking for a few A-bodies that I have sold in the past.

Hey everyone, I was just thinking and was wondering if anyone has seen any of these A-bodies I have sold.

Car one. 67 Barracuda formula s 383 fastback. The car would have been bought from Musclecarprojects.com in Utah in 2004. It was missing I think the pass side front fender, both bumpers and the grille. There was no fender tag and had been cut for fender well headers. It had a large bolt 8 3/4 in it with one big bolt and one small bolt front disk brakes. It was a very faded salmon or copper color. There were parts of a roll cage in it and the gauge cluster was gone. I know some history on the car I would like to pass on to the owner. I believe the car went to CA, but not sure.

Car two. 67 Dart GT 273 console auto. This car was also sold through musclecarprojects.com around 2004. It was a blue on blue car with a 318. The car was complete with an 8 3/4 rear and had four ralleys on it. Had some rust, but not bad. Here is a pic of it.

Car three. 1971 dart swinger sold by Rick Higley in Idaho Falls in 04-05. The car was freshley restored and painted in red with a white bumble bee stripe and duel hood stripes with yellow pinstripes. It had a built 318 with an 8 3/4 sure grip. Disk brakes. Ralleys all around. It had a black interior. Very sharp looking car. Car was sold on Ebay.

Car four. 1971 demon. Also sold by Rick in Idaho Falls in 05. Fresh restore. Yellow with black stripes and interior. Don't recal what engine he pit in it. Car was sold on Ebay.

I would just like to see what came of these cars. I have some cool info on the b-cuda that I am sure the owner would love to know. Like the orig milage and how I know. Lets say less than 1000 orig miles. The gt, I would just like to know what happened to it. The Demon I have some fun stories about and the swinger was just a way cool car that I didn't want to sale.
Any help would be great guys. Not possative where any of them are. But someone has to know.

Thanks, Jeremy
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