Car wont start

Well, I put my freshly built 318 in my dart and am at the stage of breaking in my cam finally, however I finished up the wiring and went to start her up and get nothing. When i turn the key to start, the lights all dim as if there is a fair amp draw. I figured I'd check the starter to see if it still had the balls to turn over the fresh engine which is actually now a 329 with the same small chamber 2BBL heads gonna be a bit higher compression, any how I bridged the main power and the remote on the solenoid and she cranked right over, yet when I try to start it with the key it just wont do it.

Also when I turn on my head lights, my turn signal indicators in my dash come on for some reason, I am not to sure why as its all stock and unmolested wiring I mean it still has the stock stereo in it the car has never been butchered in any way. what could be the problem? when I bought it none of the indcators on my instrument panel wanted to work the oil, temp and fuel had no reading.


This car is tossing me way off, I just figured screw it and bought a set of auxilary gauges and a Tach all I need now is the fuel to work it works off and on I'll see what I can do with a little deoxit and my fluke meter.

Pardon any typo's it's 1:30AM I just came in from the garrage and I have been extremely sick for the passed few days so I'm not quite on my toes, I just gotta get this car finished rain or shine.

Author: admin