Improving my 360 combo. Need advice/input

Okay guys here is the setup from the previous owner. Bless him for not knowing mopars very well and I'm not much better. Here are the specs on the car as best to my knowledge.

360 unsure if bored over

KB pistons 10.5:1

Heads: Not sure on the heads but assuming/imagine they are J-heads with smaller 1.88 valves. Would be a bonus is the 2.02 valves. They have only been cleaned major porting done. Proform roller rockers 1.5 ratio, comp cam springs and retainers, crane pushrods.

273 exhaust manifols. Needs headers I know already. 2.5 exhaust straight pipes no H or X.

Intake is a Edelbrock Performer with Spread bore pattern (boo-boo by PO) because the carb is a 750 Speed Demon and the ports are smaller than the J-head ports as far as I know. Have not pulled the intake to see yet.

Camshaft is were things are a real problem too with the previously mentioned parts: Erson .510 lift, 242 duration intake, 246 duration exh, 3500-6500 rpm range.


I am thinking of getting a new cam either a solid or hydraulic XE268 or XE274

I have a M1 and a Holley #3310 ready as well.

What are your suggestions to get this beast to open up a little more,
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