I’m glad things are going to China

You know guys, I never thought I'd say it, but I'm actually glad things are
being manufactured in China now. Quality control in the good old usofa
has gone steadily down hill since the early 80's. Items I have manufactured
in China are first rate, not to say they are all that way, but for gods sake,
we are getting lazy and sloppy here.

So my 600 dollar Dougs headers are not only a bitch to install, oh and you
have to hack up your Z bar, but the goddamn bolt holes are so freakin far
off, I'm going to have to drill the mounting holes about 1/4" bigger to get
the bolts in. I find it hard to believe with cast factory manifolds that have
little give, that it's my heads.

So do they not have a template to check the pattern when they are all
welded up? Maybe they check before welding and figure they won't move?
Maybe they got way smaller when they were coated (doubtful). Perhaps,
they should make the holes bigger when they are made? The cheap headers
that were on there had no bolt up issues.

Just another sad story of manufacturers not giving a crap of how things
actually fit and leaving it up to the consumer to fix and make things work.
Author: admin