Axles in a 71 “A” Body….

So I purchase a 71 "A" body, pick up a nice set of OEM Mopar Rally wheels with new tires and lug nuts. Put 2 on the problem, then jack up the rear, pop the dog dish hubcaps and find 4" studs.....not good. So to try to see if the wheel fits...OK, it fits. Chrome lugs will not fit because of the long studs, but also I find out the lugnut slide over the thinner stud. It turns out to be 7/16 X 20....while the front is 1/2 X 20. So for two days I have been trying different combinations to come up with. So, after all the BS, I pull the axles. Now what info do I need to get new or different axles that are 4.5" big bolt with 1/2" X 20 studs about 1.75 long?
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