Idling problems

ok so 318 in 70 dart, i have a Weber 4 barrel carb on it. it has that round black plastic electric choke on the side of the carb. the piece with the little stairs on it, to do with the choke, seems to have problems with the screw on the throttle. i started the car yesterday, car went into the high idle while warming up (the first groove/stair). then kicked it down, it went to a middle idle (the second groove/stair). let it warm up, then kicked it down to drive it, car went to a nice lower idle in Park, put it in drive, car idled fine. drove it down the driveway, around the block but pretty slow cause i was testing out the 4 wheel drums. then on the way back, gave it some gas, and car stalled. started it again, but now its idling pretty rough and low. take it back home, put it in park, car is having idling problems. open the hood and the piece of the choke that has the stairs isnt even making contact with the screw on the throttle. its just hanging loosely, and the butterfly on the choke is wide open. could it be that the round plastic electrical part of the choke isnt working properly and allowing the choke to open all the way?

my second question is.. while driving it, i gave it quite a bit of gas, it revved really loud but its like it was lacking power. i realize i wont get the greatest of power because i have 2.76 gears in the back, but it was like it was having major problems with power. could this also have to do with the choke being wide open while driving?
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