Autometer fuel guage not working


I have an autometer fuel guage (#4315) that i just put in the car and it is hooked up but does not work. I was wondering how to correctly hook it up to work with our cars. According to the instructions it is correct. I tested the ohms at the sending wire on the guage and it read OL, and it also read OL at the sending unit. When i put it on volts, it read 4.2 volts at both ends. I dont think it is supposed to run that many and that is why it is not working. Did i get the wrong guage? It appears to be grounded.

Also, why can't i do a 2 word search? i tried searching "fuel guage", but i get posts that have only "fuel" or "guage" in them, and not "fuel guage"

edit: and now when i post this, it gives me similar posts that i was looking for with the search window, which did not find what i was searching for.

i'm going to double check the ground now


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