I got gas…

.... gauge blues!

Sorry tech question!

I got my new Autometer MCX series gas gauge installed and of course it isn't reading correctly with the amount of fuel in the tank. The gauge comes with a sending unit but it is the type that needs to be installed vertically. The sending unit reads 248 ohm empty and 31 ohm full. In the instructions it states that the gauge has to have a 240-33 ohm sender. Now with my stock sending unit I have 12 ohm full and 8.95 volts with the key on. I have not checked the ohms with it empty.

I first started with a empty fuel tank and seeing what the gauge read connected to the stock sending unit (worked fine with stock gauge). The Autometer gauge read between 1/2 and 3/4 with the tank empty. I tried to install resistors and got the needle right on the empty but when I filled up the tank today it only goes up to 1/4 of a tank. I new it was a long shot with the resistors but I didn't know what else to do.

The entire car has been freshly rewired with a EZ wiring fuse box and wiring.

Where do I need to go from here?
Do I have a short somewhere with almost 9v on the sending unit wire?


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