I am amazed it is still alive….

I am working, area by area, to bring my 76 Dart Lite up to speed. This weekend, it was differential and transmission fluid.

The differential fluid had been changed at some point, silicone for gasket, etc. Fluid was NASTY, but reasonably full. Gear set is 2.94.

Transmission was a WHOLE nother story. The 2 square heads required propane heat to break loose. I put 2 and a 1/2 quarts of fluid in the trans, 85 or so ounces of fluid to fill to proper level. I got out..... no typo..... 5 ounces of old fluid. I cannot believe the trans is alive with 5 ounces of fluid running through transmission. In addition, I got almost 19 MPG on my last tank of fuel. I would expect to see tome type of return on this tank. Shifts nicer, but not perfect, hopefully it will work itself smoother. Linkage is next, and another fluid change later, once this one gets cleaned out. Previous owner was a moron.:angry7:
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