Getting it out of the house.

Thank god my son's took the time to get a 12X16 building up for my wife and her E-bay stuff.
I have been tripping over her stuff long enough, Not to mention trying to clean around the house with this stuff in my way and in places where other things belong, LIKE A PATH WAY. Ok I will be good.
She douse good and enjoys selling and buying STUFF!! Wait I need a blue pill before I continue ------- That's better.:happy10:
This is what has been going on here at home this week end when allot of us was enjoying racing there cars.
It is not even dun yet but she started her plan and started making a work station for pictures and storage.

I get that little spot where my mower is for my tool box and valiant parts.
But They will stay where they are until it has a lock and is in the dry.

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Author: memike