Husband’s birthday – help me find these parts?

Hi - I just registered and my husband doesn't know about this site yet - I'll tell him about it after his birthday (about 6 weeks) ;) after I can see if I can surprise him with THE BEST present in the world ! He recently bought a 1973 Duster to restore. He's a dedicated Mopar guy who went without one for the last 5 years because he sold his beloved Barracuda of ten years to do some much needed house repairs. I have felt so guilty that he had to do that and I really want to surprise him with the parts he needs for this car.

I'm trying desperately to find FULL VINYL TOP MOLDING/TRIM FOR A 1973 DUSTER. I believe he only needs the B-Pillar moldings and if there are any that go around the window. Clips would be helpful too.

He's been looking for these for months - scavenging through junk yards and swap meets with no success.

If anyone knows where I can find them or if you have any for sale, please let me know.

Thanks !
Author: admin