Driveshaft length question.

I got my driveshaft back from the shop.

When I initially called them they wanted such and such measurements.
I gave them the measurements they wanted but then when I got there they wanted to know how much of the splined output shaft stuck out of the rear of the case.

I remembered it was about 1/2 inch to 1 inch.

Okay cool he says.

When I installed the shaft the front yoke bottomed out into the output shaft and I barely had enough room to squeeze the rear U-joint onto the rear yoke.

I really had to fight it and hold my tounge just right to get enough room to get the surfaces lined up but I got it in just barely.

My question is: Is my driveshaft too long, and will it bump up against the tranny when the rear settles/jounces during driving and suspension movement?

It seems like I should have more play than that.

I also have the front seal of the input shaft leaking, could this be that when I drove the car I heard a tapping sound when I let off the gas.

It could be unrelated but I have this scenario going on in my head because i did hear a strange noise the first time i drove it, but not the second time.

keep in mind both trips were only about 1/4 mile each.
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