How Old Will You….. to be, in your opinion? To let you get a feel for what we're talking about here let me start. I'm 58 since last Friday. My girlfriends think i'm only 40. Very active individual that as doctors recommend, drink at least 1 beer a day, at least 1, and dont smoke. Wiegh in about 185. I have no health issues that seems obvious but there are histories in the family that might be an issue, but for now i feel good. Life is fun for me and i have never met a stranger. Just some friends i've never met before. Cant think of anything that will be the cause of my death unless i get crazy with the right foot, and i do but not that bad so with all of this taken into consideration i guess i'll live to be about, give or take a couple of years.........92 of so. Worst part about it is all the taxes i'll have paid over that length of time and the misery that this alone will give me supporting a bunch of dead beats. How about you. How old?
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