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Our member back in the hospital!!

Folks!! @66340SEDAN has not been doing well, blood count and oxygen is not good.
So he has been re admitted to the hospital and I, His wife and family are calling out for prayers and well wishes, our strength can be given to Keith at this time

Nice breather for that mopar carb

I was told and seen a picture of one of these on s later 70 or early 80es 3/4 or one ton 360 truck.
I believe 30.00 plus shipping is a far price, did no cleaning or painting on this.
Northeast Arkansas 72401 so you can get close on shipping
Thank you…

Prayers request for our member

On my daily list of prayer, my good friend and member here @66340SEDAN is in the hospital with covid 19, he is on oxygen.
Stay strong my friend and keep up the fight, as I pray for healing and strength on this day.

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Took me awhile to post about my best friend Buddy

This great animal has been with me for going on 13 years, boxer’s don’t live a long life , averaging 9 years but Buddy mad it over 12 years.
I had the vet come over and make it easy on my friend that has been doing bad for 7 months, I wouldn’t and couldn’t see him suffer another day…. he fell asleep in my arms couple weeks ago.

RIP my friend.

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E bodies pictures

All of these pictures I took last year at Monster Mopar Weekend.

Is the a member that can I D. This air breather

I was thinking maybe a 74 roadrunner 400 car, or 73.
@66340SEDAN may know.

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Things that get us out of the house and away from everyone

This was yesterday morning.
Can’t show these pictures on fb in fear that a few of my friends know where these pictures are taken, feels good to finally share, life is good at 62 .
I am hanging in there.

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