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Help with B&M Pro shifter please.

80840 shifter, I was lead to believe I could indeed set it up for a 904 dodge transmission, and some conflicting information saying I can use it.
Pictures below show I can, but some searching shows its just for a two speed gm transmissions..
It wo…

1966 Valiant Sedan V8 Swap (Victoria)

After 5 1/2 years on the road as a daily driver and shifting three on the tree enjoying my 170 slant 6 all the way it’s time for an update so I can continue the pleasure I get when I head out on the road in my MoPar.

But first she needs an update on…

Let’s do it !! Front end Friday is here

You have heard of front end Friday I am sure :cheers:

Any front end works Car,Lawn mower, Four leggier’s what ever you can imagine that has a front end :color:

My Front end Friday post to kick it off

1967 to 1969 exhaust manifolds fit a 71 duster

Have a member asking me if this set of exhaust manifolds would fit in his duster, 72 I believe he said.
I would honestly think they would fit his 273 and stay out of his inner parts, does any one have an idea?
Member is @Chris Henry

Thank you all v…

Happy birthday to me !!

I was shocked when I seen the date @66340SEDAN , 40 years old, and will be displayed with all my native American art and arrow heads.
Where did you ever run across this ?

Our members spoil me rotten, thank you.
Tall Bother is your given name now


E Body steering wheel

73 Barracuda steering wheel, fits all E Bodies
$35.00 plus the ride
Last picture is on the grip (back side) of the wheel

Ships from 72405 Jonesboro Arkansas

View attachment 1715930124

View attachment 1715930125

View attachment 17159…

Head pipe /6

This is in strong shape, came off my 67.000 mile 66 Valiant sedan 170 c.i.

45 plus the ride from 72405 Jonesboro Arkansas

View attachment 1715932443

View attachment 1715932444