factory magnum 360 roller lifters

Hello everyone, I am a new guy and this is my first post. I have a 72 scamp with a fairly mild , roller cam magnum 360 installed and I am about to pull it out and install a forged 4' stroker kit and some performer rpm aluminum heads and air gap manifold. I am setting the motor up at 10.5 to 1 one and am going to try and run it on premium pump fuel and throw a little nitrous at it. anyway, I am going to be installing a fairly serious cam and was wondering how the factory roller lifters will react to this. I have read somewhere that they are fairly heavy and also don't like to rev past 5000rpm but I have been shifting mine at 6k so far with no issues. guess Im curious if they will maybe pump up? or maybe they are they going to be a cam profile limiting factor in some way? has anyone used them in a fairly seriously built motor with good sized cam and how did they work out? will probably be shifting at around 6500 with my new motor but will have alot more cam and certainly more spring pressure from the edelbrock installed springs. while I am sure there are better available I am currently just about "spent out" and another $5-600 for lifters will put installation off for another month or so and well into the cold rainy season here. will these lifters work for me? below is the stuff my wife "does" know about because its in the house. the new in the crate TCI super street fighter 727 and billet 9 inch converter and new 8 3/4 posi with 391 gears and forged stroked complete rotating assembly that she "doesnt" know about are all locked in the trunk of the car, LOL. anyway thanks for any info.

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