Coil Voltage!!! Wtf!

Hello everyone!...i am new to the forum and this is my first post so hopefully there is some help out there for me and my ignition.
Here is the issue: My car originally had a worked small block with a stock ignition (w/ msd coil and wires) and all was fine. I since have rebuilt my duster and converted to a 451 stroker with all Pertronix flame thrower coil / distributor, and Second strike box. No here is the issue.....when checking voltage accross the coil, it only reads 3.XXX volts on my fluke meter...not enough for spark. with the wires off the coil, there is 12.XXX volts at the (+) wire, and when metered accross the (+ / - ) coil wires by themselves, there is 12.XXX volts, but when hooked up to the coil, there is only 3.XXX volts.
My wiring, as refered to me by the tech support @ pertronix has my factory coil wires, the (+/-) off the distributor, and the switched power for my control box all running off the coil. Has anyone had this issue or is there any help for me!!! ....I want to get my ole' girl on the road before it snows up here! Thanks
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